We’ve configured WordPress Core with some sane defaults that are most commonly used on clients’ sites. Below are the ones worth noting:

General Settings

Settings > General

Site Title: Do not forget to set the Title of the Site, as this will be indexed in Search Engines

Tagline: Do not forget to set the Tagline of the Site, as this will be indexed in Search Engines

Email Address: This is the email address miscellaneous admin notifications will be sent to. We typically use a fake email address for this to avoid getting our inboxes filled with unimportant notifications, and it is advised not to put the client’s email address in this field. You may fill it with your own if you feel responsible for these notifications.

Reading Settings

Settings > Reading

Front page displays: We typically set this to an actual Page called Home, then use Divi Builder to design that page.

Search Engine Visibility (IMPORTANT): This should always be checked when the site is in development, but make sure to uncheck it when the site goes live or Search Engines will not index the site.

Discussion Settings

Settings > Discussion

Default article settings: You may choose to enable Pingbacks & Trackbacks & Comments if you understand why you’re doing so. They are disabled by default because most clients don’t utilize the Blog functionality of WordPress.

Permalink Settings

Settings > Permalinks

WordPress’s URL structure (Posts, Pages, Products, etc) can be configured to some degree by modifying the Permalink Settings. We typically set the Common Settings to Post Name as a good default.

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