Flywheel is weCreate’s current Enterprise Hosting Solution. It provides a secure and performant live environment for our higher-end customers, as well as a Staging Environment for testing new features and updates when needed.

To create a new Site Slot on Flywheel, follow the steps below:

Create Site Slot

  1. Create Site Slot (New vs. Clone)
    1. If your Cloning this Template to begin a new site project, follow Flywheel’s Site Cloning Steps to arrive at the New Site screen
    2. If you’re creating a new site slot to move an existing site to Flywheel, visit the + NEW SITE screen in the Flywheel Dashboard
    3. * Ask an administrator if you don’t have a Flywheel account in the weCreate LLC Organization yet
  2. Choose weCreate LLC as the Site owner
  3. Provide a sensible Site name. The recommended naming convention is the Camel Case version of the site’s primary Domain Name (ie.
  4. Provide a relevant Temporary domain to use until you add the development and primary domains (ie.
  5. Provide a WordPress admin usernameWordPress admin password
  6. Choose one of the available weCreate Bulk Plans as the billing option (this is important)

Add Domain(s)

  1. Visit your new site’s admin screen from the Flywheel Dashboard
  2. Click the (+) button to add a new domain name
    1. For primary domains, select the www option (ie.
    2. For development domains, there’s no need to select the www option (ie.
    3. If you’re Cloning this Template to begin development on a new site, select the Primary option for your * development domain
  3. Refer to the Domains & DNS Documentation to configure the DNS settings to point to your new Flywheel site environment


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