MainWP – Remote Updates

Our team utilizes the MainWP Remote Site Manager to run updates and various tasks remotely on our websites. Each site we create needs added to our Remote Sites List. Below are the steps to do so:

  • Activate MainWP Child plugin
  • Enable MainWP Child Unique Security ID at Settings > MainWP Child > Settings
  • Add site to MainWP Dashboard at
    • Site URL: The site’s URL not including the http(s)
    • Administrator username: updates (preconfigured in Template)
    • Groups (we use these to quickly filter the list of sites we need to maintain):
      • E-Commerce – If the site sells products
      • Enterprise Hosting – If the client is utilizing our Enterprise Hosting option (Flywheel)
      • General Maintenance – If the client is utilizing a non-Enterprise Hosting option, but is paying us to manage site updates
      • Internal – If the site is a weCreate Internal Project
      • weCreate Client – if the site is for a weCreate Client of any kind
    • Extensions Settings Syncronization:
    • Child Unique Security ID: Copy from MainWP Child settings
    • Verify certificate: Yes if using an SSL certificate, No if not

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