Development Domains

During development, we register a new sub-domain using our company domain. This domain is managed in our company Cloudflare account. To do so, log into the Cloudflare account, select the domain in the top menu, then add an A Record that points to the IP address of the server your development site is on.

Server – Flywheel (Enterprise Hosting)

If you’re New Site Project on Flywheel, once you configure your site slot by Cloning from this Template, you can find your server IP Address on the Overview Screen. Use this IP Address to configure your A Record (mentioned above).

If you’re moving an existing development site from another hosting environment to Flywheel, and you haven’t created the site slot on Flywheel yet, refer to the Creating a Site on Flywheel Documentation.

Server – Liquid Web Dedicated (cPanel) Server (Standard Hosting)

If you’re developing the site on our Liquid Web Dedicated Server, you will need to complete the following steps to add your site slot and configure your domain:

  1. Create a subfolder in under public_html in the account and install your site files here
  2. Add a sub-domain and point it to your new folder (ie. a sub-domain of example-site results in
  3. Set up a MySQL Database & Database User and import your SQL database file
  4. Configure your wp-config.php file in your folder to reflect these database credentials
  5. Use the Better Search Replace plugin under Tools in WordPress to Find/Replace the old URL (ie. :// to the new one (ie. ://

Whomever provisions the server account for you should provide the IP Address along with the login credentials. Use this IP Address to configure your A Record (mentioned above). If you have sufficient permissions in our LastPass password management system, you can also access all cPanel accounts from the WHM interface.

Live Domains

Once a site is finished, and you’ve followed the steps outline in the Deployment Documentation, you will need to point the final live domain name (ie. to your live server (ie. Flywheel’s Live Environment or a new account on our Liquid Web Dedicated Server). This is typically done by adding an A Record and pointing it to the live server, much like we do so for the development domains above.

Some situations require a slightly different configuration, and sometimes weCreate doesn’t have immediate access to the client’s domain name DNS manager. In this case, ask an administrator to help.

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