Forms are very time consuming and error prone to build by hand, so we utilize one of two tools to build forms, Gravity Forms & CRED Forms. Both options allow building of forms in an intuitive manner, but each has its strengths. Below is a brief explanation of each and what they’re best used for:

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms provides a Drag-n-Drop Form Builder to quickly build powerful forms with custom notifications, confirmations, conditional field logic, etc. Add-ons allow us to extend Gravity Forms to support basic E-Commerce, Email Lists, submission to other third party services, etc. It is by far the fastest way to build forms for Contact Pages, Inquiries, Email Lists, etc, and it’s also quite powerful for developers to extend. To create a new Gravity Form, visit Forms > New Form.

For more information on Gravity Forms, visit the Gravity Forms Online.

Note: weCreate maintains an Unlimited Usage Developers License that is preconfigured in this Template.

CRED Forms

Toolset’s CRED Forms allows fewer third party integrations than Gravity Forms, but is designed to work seamlessly with all of Toolset’s other features, such as Custom Post Types & Post Fields. CRED allows us to create complex, custom-styled forms that integrate directly with the Custom Post Types we’ve created, so CRED is the most appropriate choice for submitting data into Custom Post Types. To create a Post Form, visit Toolset > Post Forms. CRED Forms can also be used for submitting User Data.

For more information on Toolset’s CRED Forms, visit the CRED guides.

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