Needs Documentation

Below are items that still need documented for this Template:

Needs Addressed & Documented

Below are items that still need addressed & documented for this Template:

  • Divi Theme Configuration & Changes
  • Pre-defined Divi Library Items
  • Pre-defined Styles
    • Layouts classes, reusable css classes in Divi Child, etc
  • Pre-defined Shortcodes
    • Pre-defined Custom Shortcodes
  • Accessibility (ADA Compliance)
  • Performance Optimizations
    • Images (custom image sizes, retina, file size reduction)
    • Scripts (minifying, concatenating)
    • Styles (minifying, concatenating)
    • Cache purging procedures
  • WooCommerce Configurations
  • Site-specific settings screen to add generic settings fields to via Toolset


  • Add weCreate Branding Toolset Layouts Cell Type, Update Documentation
  • Migrate all Documentation to a CPT (keeps it out of client’s sight, makes it easier to remove all at once)


  • Ability to add/remove Features via a weCreate Core Plugin settings screen
    • Feature Examples:
      • E-Commerce – Would auto Install/Remove WooCommerce & pre-configure on install
      • Create Toolset Modules for commonly used site features, auto-install Rows/Cells upon Feature Activation


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