Restricting users’ permissions allows developers to maintain control over what settings and content can be changed on a site after launch. Toolset Access allows us to add Custom Roles, and manage permissions for various aspects of the WordPress interface.


weCreate uses a Best Practice of creating a Client Admin Role to assign all clients to as their highest permission level. By default, we’ve removed Client Admin’s permission to things that may allow them to unintentionally break the site; items such as changing Layouts, promoting user permissions, running updates, etc. This Custom Role allows developers to always have a higher level of permission than the client to prevent breakage.

Note: PLEASE always add clients to the Client Admin Custom Role (or a lower permission Custom Role of your own) before handing site over to client for best Client User Experience.

Client User Experience using Access Control

User Experience can also be improved for the Client by restricting parts of the WordPress Interface that the Client will not need to manage. This reduces confusion and clutter from the Client’s view. You can use the Access Control settings to restrict elements such as Custom Post Type Field Groups that are only used internally, for example.

User Switching

We’ve installed a User Switching plugin that allows administrators to switch seamlessly between users for testing & debugging purposes. Visit Users, hover over any user and click Switch To to switch to that user. You can switch back by hovering over your username in the Admin Bar.

To manage User Access settings, visit Toolset > Access Control.

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